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Interview with Alex Anderson

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New Work - Venus in the Garden

"Venus in the Garden" will be on display at the Internation Quilt Festival in Houston Oct/Nov 2013. 

63" x 63"

Pieced and appliqued using my hand dyed fabrics, free motion quilted.

This piece was created from one of my small drawings. It feels like a tropical garden to me and when my sister saw it, all she could see was Venus Flytraps. So there you have it! 

This was a really challenging one to quilt! I was so relieved when I finished it. It was quilted on my new Bernina 710 (which I love by the way!) but due to the large scale of my design, and the density of my quilting, it was pretty exhausting. Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself, and then I do it again.  :)

I played around with the thread color on this one and didn't go for an exact match like I've done before. I wanted the quilting to be visable.

Mid way through the quilting, I could feel that I was straining my body, so I had my husband install this hanging system I had seen in Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry's studio in Paducah KY.

My "quilting" life has been transformed!!!

It was really easy to make, and you can move the pvc pipes around needed. 

It's best to have a variety of sizes, long, medium and short. These clips actually suck, so I need to get better ones. 

By taking the weight off, you can move the quilt around with total ease, and I could feel an immediate improvement! 

Now here's the really silly thing, I have a machine with an 18" throat, and I've only used it twice. 

It's a Innova, and I really love it. There's no stitch regulation, because I don't like that, but this baby can go! You might find it strange that I rarely use it. 

This is my foot pedal system. You can't even get this anymore, so I'm kind of lucky. The pedal on the far right makes it go, the one on the left slows it down and the middle one speeds it up. When I quilt my pieced work, it's easier for me to use my one of my Bernina's. I quilted the background of Nan's Whale and From a Seed on this machine.  


"Lair of the Amethyst Deva" will also be in Houston. This is one of my favorite pieces. I really love her so much. 

27" x 32"  Improv pieced using my hand dyed fabrics, free motion quilted. 


Nina-Marie's "Off the Wall Friday" 


Watch me on "The Quilt Show" with Alex and Ricky!

Last August I taped an episode of The Quilt Show and tomorrow, September 9th, it will air. Also featured is the very lovely and extremely talented Angela Walters! 

To watch the show, you'll need to be a Star Member. If you are interested you will receive a discount of 20% when joining by using this code: 238724887511

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Two weeks of Dyeing

I just finished up a couple of weeks of intense production in my studio. When I'm dyeing fabric, it looks like a storm has blown through here and then I have to deal with the aftermath. However, I was very productive as my supply was in serious need of replenishment. 

To save money this time around, I supplemented my usual tightly woven PFD with Joann's Premium Legacy Muslin. I was very happy with the results. I scoured the crap out of it, and that's why I was able to get great color. It has a smoother hand and a denser weave then Kona, so it's a great way to save a buck when you consider the coupons. 

However, when I'm doing something like this, I only use the best PFD, and my favorites are Hoffman and Pimatex. When I dye my gradations, I start with the lightest color, and make sure the whole piece is very wet. I then start from the crease and move up in stages, wtih the more saturated color. I wear rubber or vinyl gloves and I blend by hand, rubbing in a circular motion. I've found this method gives me the best results.

By the way, I dye all of my fabric on plastic sheets like this as apposed to immersion. I do that sometimes, but I prefer to have control over my texture.

The finished product. 

See me on Nina-Marie's Blog Off the Wall Friday's


Long Beach and "Ode to Lavandula"

I will admit, I'm SUPER behind updating my blog. I'm definitely one of those artists who prefers to make art as apposed to writing about it, so this is the first of several posts that are long overdue. 

My piece "Ode to Lavandula" premiered in Long Beach last month as part of the Dinner@8 Artists exhibit "An Exquisite Moment." Every year in Long Beach, my husband joins me for dinner at the hotel Friday night, and we see the Jamie, Leslie and the other artists having a lively dinner party. This year it was nice to be a part of that.  

"Ode to Lavandula" is inspired by my love of Lavender.

"I am obsessed with Lavender, and every evening after my shower, I slather myself with various intoxicating oils. I even go as far as rolling it on my pj's and pulling it over my nose just to breath it in. At that moment, there is nothing else but this enchanting and relaxing aroma, and that is very precious to me."

24" x 60" Whole cloth, monoprinted and painted with thickened fiber reactive dye, free motion quilted. 

The quilting on the piece was intense.


Yvonne Porcella, what a lovely lady and amazing artist! She gave me a precious gift and the wrapping was coordinated with her adorable "black and white stripes and dots" look. 


This was the last year Quilts Inc. will be in Long Beach. I first attended this show July 2009, six months after I started quilting. My head exploded when I saw the art quilts on display. The following year, I met Pokey Bolton, and having been a huge fan of Quilting Arts Magazine by that time, I was excited to meet her. I remember showing her a photos of my first art quilt "Life in the City" on my phone. It was still on my design wall at that time. The following year I had the great fortune of being featured in Quilting Arts Magazine, and that was really a big deal for me. 


A few of my "Project Linus" buddies taking a break!