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Paducah 2011

This was my first visit to Paducah and first time in the show. I was so impressed with how they shuffled things around given the challenges with the weather and flooding. Everything was very organized and there was a fun time to be had by all. 


I enjoyed spending time with the amazing, generous artist, Caryl Bryer Fallert and her friends while in Paducah. She has created a dreamy home/studio/classroom space, in the Lower Downtown Arts District. Her shop is packed with visitors during the show. 


From the left: Bobbin, Jena Moreno (creator of the movie "Stitched") Caryl, and Quiltman.


Quiltman and Bobbin taking a break to enjoy some ice cream. 


National Quilt Museum


And here are just a few of the quilts that caught my eye...



Hand stitching the binding with my helper



Project Linus on Visiting with Huell Howser


Bob Adams Class at The Quilter's Studio

I had a blast learning from Bob for 4 days. I never attempted discharge because I'm a hands on person, and I learn best that way. Bob is the nicest guy, and a great teacher! I highly recommend his class if you have the opportunity. 

One of Bob's pieces

Bob showed us how he used styrofoam from the Home Depot, and a hot tool, to carve stamps for applying different chemicals for discharge. I got a little too excited about this and after making one in class that day, went home and made about 10 more. I'll make more for applying paint and fiber reactive dye as well. 

Seriously, these are just a few that I made after class in the evening. I really went ape---t.  :)

This is the result on one piece, and I really like the look you get from fabric that you dye black, and then discharge. You never know what colors will come through. I added no additional color on this, and used thickened bleach (which came out greenish) and Thiox (yellow/gold). 



Road To California

This was my first time entering a show, and first acceptance. There were some pretty amazing quilts on display this year. 

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